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Proofing Galleries
Proofing galleries

During an average Session, Quinn shoots anywhere from 250 to 1000+ images. How many images were taken during your Session depends on many factors, such as weather, lighting, cooperation (especially with those kiddos), tardiness by the Client, etc. Photographers take lots of images of the same pose because you're human, and unfortunately humans are prone to the occasional blink or two. Part of what you are paying for with a professional photographer is their expertise when it comes to image composition, subject posing, etc. You may notice that there are a few poses you did during your Session that aren't included in the proofing gallery. This is probably because that particular pose at that particular moment in time just didn't happen to photograph well. More than half of the images taken during your Session will likely be discarded. Quinn will "cull" the Session by going through each image and making sure you only see the best ones!


Once Quinn is done "culling" all the images from your Session, you will receive an email invitation to an online proofing gallery. A proofing gallery is essentially a collection of all the images ("PROOFS") from the Session that are shown to you solely for the purpose of allowing you to select which images from the Session get retouched & returned to you as the final product. Some things to note:

  • PROOFS are not the final product you will receive, they are the original RAW image files (aside from minor lighting adjustments or cropping). Because of this, they are watermarked. These images are not meant to be downloaded, screen-captured, or saved in any form.

  • For the sake of time & space, the size of the PROOF files are reduced, so they may appear pixelated upon viewing in the gallery. The final image files you receive will be full resolution!

  • When looking through the images to pick your favorites, choose images based on your posing & facial expression. Anything in the background that needs to be photoshopped out & any issues with lighting, color, skin, hair, etc. will be fixed during the retouching process.

Your proofing gallery can be accessed via your email invitation to the gallery. Upon entry, you will be asked to enter your email. Please be sure you use the same email in which you received the gallery invitation, otherwise the lists that Quinn creates for you won't be visible on your end. These lists are attached to the email you have on file with QB Photography. 

Favorites List
favorites list
Selecting Favorites
Instructions for Selecting Favorites
  1. Gain entry to the proofing gallery by entering the same email which received the gallery invitation.

  2. Within the proofing gallery, once you encounter an image you'd like to favorite, either hover over the image and click the heart icon in the bottom right, or click on the photo to open enlarged mode and click the heart icon in the top right.

  3. The gallery will prompt you to select the list in which to add the favorited image. You will notice there are already two premade lists ready for you! If you don't see the below lists, double check the email you entered was correct!

    • One list will be titled "All My Favorites"​​

    • The other list will be titled "Top #" (insert about the # of images included in your package)

    • Please note that each list can only be attached to one email, so if there are multiple people receiving the gallery invitation, they will each have their own separate set of favorites lists attached to their own email.

  4. "All My Favorites" List​

    • Your first time going through the​​ PROOFS, if you see an image you like, even just a little bit, add it to this list. Finish going through the entire proofing gallery and add all the images you like throughout. This will make it easier for you to narrow it down to the best of the best by having a smaller pool of images to choose from!

  5. "Top #" List

    • After you're done ​​filling up the "All My Favorites" List with your faves, enter that list. When going through this list, repeat the same process as you just did (except this time you're going through and selecting the best images from the "All My Favorites" list that you just created instead of from the entire proofing gallery).

  6. You have the ability to add comments to an individual image. You can add a note to any favorited image by clicking on the note icon (looks like a little chat bubble). This feature is a great way to let Quinn know if there are any requests, comments, questions, or concerns you have about any specific image. You aren't required to write any comments at all, but this option is available to you.

  7. You are guaranteed to receive at least the minimum number of images that were included in your package, but it's not uncommon for Quinn to retouch extra images outside of the "Top #" favorites you end up selecting. That's another reason why Quinn has you create the "All My Favorites" list, so she has a pool of images to choose from that she knows you already like!

  8. Once you are finished adding your absolute favorite images to the "Top #" list, enter that list.

  9. Either:

    • ​Click on the share icon in the top right (looks like a paper airplane) and select "Send to Photographer." This will notify Quinn that your favorites are finalized and ready for retouching!

    • Contact Quinn via text or email to notify her that your favorites are finalized and ready for retouching!​

Please reach out to Quinn if you encounter any difficulties accessing the gallery or adding favorites ☺

Accessing Favorites
Accessing Favorite Lists
  • In gallery view, click the heart icon in the top right to be taken to the Favorite Lists area. Both of the lists Quinn created for you should be visible here.

  • If you have been logged out from your gallery session, it may require you to re-input your email address to gain re-entry to the gallery.

Commenting on Favorites
Adding a Comment to a Favorited Image
  • When within a favorites list, you have the added ability to add comments/notes onto individual images.

  • To do this, simply enter one of your favorite lists and either:

    • Hover over a favorited image and click the note icon (looks like a little chat bubble) in the bottom right of the image, or

    • Enlarge a favorited image and click the note icon (looks like a little chat bubble) in the top right.

  • A small message box will appear in which you can enter a note. Be sure to click "save" when you're done typing the comment so that all your hard work doesn't go to waste!


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